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Blog: Review Your VBP Reports to Optimize Payments

The deadline for reviewing CMS’s Value-Based Purchase Program (VBP) reports and requesting corrections is December 31, 2023. To access this critical information, we encourage you to log in to the iQIES system and retrieve your report.   

Why would you review this report and, if appropriate, request corrections?   

  • These reports will be used to calculate your unplanned rehospitalization rate, which is used to determine your payment. If your unplanned rehospitalization rate is calculated to be above the national average, you may not receive full payment under this program. 
  • One of the issues with these reports is the ability of many providers to interpret and understand the data. To help you familiarize yourself with the new reports, we have included two resources.  
    1. Watch the SNF VBP Performance Score Report Overview Video that CMS published on YouTube. Some of the dates they used have passed, but the dates are used as examples and do not generally affect the instructions on how to read the report information. 
    2. Download the FY 2024 SNF VBP Fact Sheet that walks you through the basics of the program.  

The Point Is: It is of utmost importance to be familiar with CMS’s Value-Based Purchase Program (VBP) reports and to take action, if necessary, before the end of the year. Otherwise, you could be faced with unexpectedly lower FY2025 reimbursement payments. 

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