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The DOR program provides a comprehensive framework to help mentor, train, and support DORs in skilled nursing and long-term care settings.

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DOR Track

The Courses

Foundation course to provide an understanding of the role of a Rehab Director in a skilled nursing facility and strategies to execute it efficiently including time management, Net Health and more.

Review of clinically accurate billing guidelines and various modes of treatment.
How to clinically project patient case in Net Health for effective scheduling and staffing.

Nuances of planning patient care for various skilled payers – PDPM based and managed care to achieve good clinical outcomes.

Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) broken down for the newer DOR.
Trains DORs to collaborate with IDT to facilitate accurate reporting and capture of clinical delivery and outcomes.
Therapy’s role in caring for long-term patients residing at the facility including a strong screening process utilizing EMR, Quality Measures and more.
What is Case Mix Index (CMI) and how to track and plan upcoming assessments in collaboration with IDT.
Diamond standards of care to safely transition patients from therapy and how the DORs can plan to moderate Weekly Rehab Meeting and actively contribute to Utilization Review with IDT.
Monthly billing reconciliation and close out in Net Health; audits to be performed by therapy before triple check and how it relates to medical review; how to plan and prepare for medical review activity.
Various regulatory aspects to know of for the DORs including care plans, state survey readiness and therapy specific F tags.

Rehab metrics – reports to run and what they mean.

Leadership styles, skills and the importance of accountability, crucial conversations, and team appreciation.
Tips and tricks to vet, interview, and hire the right candidate and promote retention.

SLP Track

The Courses

A course designed to introduce the DOR role and strategies to efficiently manage your daily and weekly tasks. Also, to provide an introduction into collaboration with the interdisciplinary team.

This course will introduce the DOR to all things Nethealth including projections, assessments, monthly closeout, and pertinent reports to monitor.  

This course is to initiate a basic understanding of skilled and long term care payor sources, interdisciplinary collaboration, state survey must dos, the facilities star rating, and how reimbursement works within a skilled nursing facility.  

A course designed to operationalize planning of NetHealth projections, scheduling of  full time, part time, and PRN staff, cross discipline utilization, and various modes of treatment when completing schedules.  

A course designed to dive into Point Click Care and Matrix to achieve basic navigation and knowledge of how to identify items within the EMR. 

This course is outlined to provide an understanding of how skilled payor sources reimburse, and the variations of managed care. It will review scheduling techniques within projections to optimize clinical outcomes within skilled caseload management.  

A course tailored to the DOR for understanding of PDPM basics, including clinical categories, PT/OT/ST/Nursing/NTA components and how to utilize the incredible QRM buzz tool. 

This is part 2 of PDPM basics for the DOR that will help you gain an understanding of section GG, the BIMS, and the PHQ9 assessment.  

A course to portray effective long term care programming to include screening, and various reimbursement within LTC. This course will demonstrate how LTC management will impact the facilities casper report and quality measures. We will also dive into efficient long term caseload management with specifics in CPT code reimbursement.

This course is part 2 of long term caseload management with a deep dive into case mix index tracking and reimbursement, planning of CMI upcoming assessments, and how to implement effective screens, evaluations and assessments in collaboration with the IDT.  

A course designed to implement effective discharge planning. Review of skilled and long term care therapy discharges, when to utilize a NOMNC, Medicare wellness periods and how to efficiently run a weekly rehab meeting and engage in the interdisciplinary utilization review.  

A course outlined to review in detail end of month reconciliation for triple check, compliance with orders and physician signatures, and a basic understanding of NOMNCs.  

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of key performance indicators, trends, and interpretation of reports to maintain positive departmental trends.  

A course designed for the DOR on the basics of care planning, state survey readiness within the therapy department, monitoring of equipment calibration, altered diets and adaptive equipment, and therapy specific F tags.  

A course designed to help the DOR acquire good leadership skills, staff and self-accountability, team appreciation and show casing resident success within your department.  

DOR16: Interview Skills

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