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QRP Data Submission – Details and a Helpline

Thursday, July 29th, CMS released their FY 2022 Final Rule. A few of the highlights impacting skilled nursing facilities include:

Financial Impact

“For SNFs, beginning with FY2018 and in each subsequent year, the SNF will be subject to a 2-percentage-point reduction to the annual payment update (APU) for the applicable fiscal year if the SNF fails to submit at least 80 percent of the necessary data to calculate the SNF QRP QMs.” ( SNF Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Data Submission Deadlines)

Submission Deadline August 16th is the deadline for January 1-March 31 (Q1) of CY 2021 MDS submission. Reviewing and Correcting Data CMS strongly encourages facilities to submit data several days before the deadline to address any submission issues and provide an opportunity to review submissions for completion.

  • Review of data for completion may be addressed through the CMS CASPER reports, which should be run or selected before each quarterly reporting deadline. Emphasis should be on completing required data (i.e., – Scoring of all GG assessment items upon admission and DC, ‘no dashes in assessment columns’, baseline weights, etc.).
  • Swingtech sends informational messages to SNFs not meeting APU thresholds on a quarterly basis ahead of each submission deadline. If changes are needed to update the recipient’s emails, reach out to, including your facility name and CMS Certificate Number (CCN).
  • Data correction may include modifying MDS assessments to include information entry into MDS items that are currently dashed – if – the information is available and the dash was in error before the deadline.

Let’s Get to the Point:

This MDS data impacts the accuracy of publicly reported information as well as FY 2022 beginning in Oct 2021. QRM’s Q&A helpline is up and running. If you have ongoing questions surrounding this QRP reporting topic or other MDS-related items, please feel free to reach out via QRM MDS Helpline.

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